join 3d printing training in chandigarh with Caddprimer india . Caddprimer is one of the best  place for learning  mechanical and machine part design in solidworks , Catia and 3d printing training in chandigarhautocad .

Now learn 3d design and 3d printing training in chandigarh at caddprimer chandigarh. 3d printing is unique technology of printing 3d object designed in any cad software . it is used in machine design ,art , mechanical engineering .

what is 3d printing ? 

3D printer is different from of the typical printers . On a 3D printer the item is printed out by 3 dimension . A 3D model is built up level by level . So the entire method is known as rapid prototyping , or even 3D printing .A very common process of rapid prototyping could be to apply a fine powder ( plaster , bio plastic , polyurethane , polyester , epoxy , metal , etc . ) in such a 3D inkjet printers . Printer print out the layer of powder on a bed and also create a fixed object . The layout is described by a CAD file .

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