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    Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics
    advanced diploma training in automotive mechatronics

    If you are looking for Advanced Diploma Training in Automotive Mechatronics then CaddPrimer India is the Best Company that will provide you the best-in-class practical learning experience in Advanced Diploma Training in Automotive Mechatronics.

    What is Mechatronics?

    Mechatronics is a concept of Japanese origin and can be defined as the application of electronics and computer technology to control the motions of mechanical systems. Mechatronics focuses on different areas of mechatronics like modeling, sensors, real-time computer interfacing, controllers. After completing the course graduates can work on sensors different aspects like sensing and control systems, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and expert systems, transportation and vehicular systems and computer integrated manufacturing systems.

    Mechatronics is an application of electrical, mechanical, control and computer engineering to develop products, processes, and systems with great flexibility, easy in re-design and ability of re-programming.

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    Advanced Diploma Training in Automotive Mechatronics


    • To develop multi-disciplinary competency amongst engineers to cater to the contemporary
      automotive technology.
    • To develop various soft skills and in particular thorough communication skills.
    • To train aspiring engineers on the latest automotive technology using the latest, world-class tools
      and equipment’s to fulfill the need for skilled human resources in the automotive field.

    Course Content



    A large part of automobile inventions is substantial improvements in historically pure mechanical systems that are made possible by advanced electronics and the dynamic processing of information. Such mechatronic systems need to be designed to meet the cost requirements of the automotive industry by designing subsystems for mechanical, electrical and information processing simultaneously. The explanations for the use of mechatronics and the major technical problems of the mechatronic solution are discussed. Mechatronics approaches are offered for numerous automotive applications.
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