Caddprimer is Training Autocad For civil Engineering Chandigarh students  from Btech Civil  , Diploma civil . This is 100% practical training for civil cad . Students are trained with basics of Autocad , Sketches based on Civil Construction like bridges, arks , Door Design , Landscaping , Wall , textures , ceilings etc.

Computer aided design training is very important for civil engineering students as this training help them to draw all construction ideas easily .

It’s beneficial to state that computer-aided design , or just CAD , totally changed present day engineering profession . CAD provides you with the simpler continuing development of products and also product managing integration . This also provides for better modelling as well as offers grounds for virtual communication  in the engineering community , CAD is very important and also popular to model and build products to be utilized by clients . This information is a warm asset for anyone engaging technicians , due to its advantages in the engineering work environment .


Join six weeks , six months industrial training  Autocad for civil Engineering chandigarh with caddprimer India ltd in Autocad civil in chandigarh


Syllabus AutoCAD :-

Autocad For civil Engineering Chandigarh
Autocad For civil Engineering Chandigarh
  • Introduction of AutoCAD
  • How to start AutoCAD
  • Installation of AutoCAD
  • Basic starting steps of AutoCAD
    • Units set
    • Limits set
    • Zoom out/Zoom in
    • Introduction of Templates
    • Cross Hair / Pick point setting
  • Draw Toolbar
    • Line
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Arc
    • Construction
    • Polygon
  • Modify Toolbar
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Mirror
    • Offset
    • Fillet
    • Scale
    • Break
    • Join
    • Explode
    • Array
  • Layers and Layer Property Manager
  • Advance OPTION Settings
  • Dimensional Style Manager
  • Drafting setting
  • Multi text and Multi line
  • Leader and Multileader
  • Hatch/Gradient
  • External and Internal Block
  • Isometric section
  • 3D Auto Cad
  • Plotting and PDF conversion

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