Autodesk Inventor Training in Chandigarh with certification


    Autodesk Inventor training in Chandigarh

     Autodesk inventor training in chandigarh | CaddPrimer India

    Caddprimer is the best cad and cadd training company in Chandigarh. caddprimer in the best place to get state of the art Autodesk inventor training in Chandigarh.

    Autodesk Inventor is a computer-aided design application for 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization, developed by  Autodesk.

     Autodesk inventor training in chandigarh | CaddPrimer India

    This course is designed for the absolute beginner, so no previous Autodesk Inventor knowledge is necessary. If anyone wants to fill in its gap in Autodesk Inventor, it’s a good course for them as well.

    After completion of this training, you will be completely able to make your own drawing and control with this 3D modeling program using all the tools and techniques.

    Autodesk inventor training in chandigarh
    Autodesk inventor training in Chandigarh

    Autodesk Inventor Course Outline

    • Introduction to Autodesk Inventor- Fundamentals, Inventor Interface, Model Manipulation
    • Creating the Base Feature- Creating a New Part File, Sketched Base, Editing Sketched
    • Additional Sketching Tools- Entity Types, Basic Editing Tools, Constraint Tools, Dimension Tools
    • Sketched Secondary Features- Using Existing Geometry
    • Creating Pick and Place Features- Edge Chamfer, Constant Fillets, Variable Fillets, etc
    • Work Features- Work Planes, Work Axes, Work Points
    • Equations- Equations, Parameters
    • Additional Features- Face Draft, Splitting a Face or Part, Shells, Ribs
    • Drawing Basics- Creating a New Drawing, Base and Projected Views, Additional Drawing Views, Manipulating Views
    • Drawing Annotations- Text, Symbols, Hole and Thread Notes, Chamfer Notes, Center Marks and Center Lines, Hole Tables, Revision Tables and Tags

    caddprimer india Autodesk inventor training in chandigarhCaddprimer is providing world-class Autodesk Inventor Training in Chandigarh. Students from various colleges and universities undergo Autodesk Inventor Training in Chandigarh at Caddprimer every year.

    For your registration in Autodesk Inventor training in Chandigarh please visit our Office Address Below or Call us at +91 7888776924 | +91 8699633633

    Caddprimer India Autodesk inventor training in chandigarh

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