Automation Training in Chandigarh at CaddPrimer

Automation training in Chandigarh at CaddPrimer– Automation means, as the name suggests, that all procedures are carried out, controllable and performed with the aid of electronic devices or mechanical devices, without any human effort involved. The modern era of modernization and conceptualization has reduced human efforts to a great extent with innovations in new technologies and equipment, and machines take over people. Nowadays, automation is a key factor in maximizing efficiency, growing human resources, and greater precision, whether in businesses, companies, manufacturers, divisions, facilities, company, or home.

CaddPrimer Chandigarh – Best Automation Training Company in Chandigarh, where qualified and industry experts provide quality knowledge and practical knowledge among trainees to make them successful automation experts. The automation certification course in Chandigarh compelled by our company ensures the candidate’s quality skills to start his / her career successfully in all industries, businesses, and organizations.

Why Choose CaddPrimer for Automation Training in Chandigarh?

We as CaddPrimer India at the top of the ladder of the numerous technology firms. But learning and acquiring the practical skills of the firm alone is always beneficial. At CaddPrimer we possess the skills needed to make your presence felt within the company in terms of brainstorming and molding the State of the Art. CaddPrimer Best Automation training in Chandigarh and other technologies based on educational training programs.

What is PLC?

PLC refers to the’ Controler for programmable logic.’ The device is commonly used throughout the world in industries. PLC is a state-of-the-art industrial digital computer designed to control the production process. Approximately 3 decades earlier, the man worked on industrial machinery for long hours to achieve the desired result and consumed ample time and increased waste chances but due to technological developments, the computers and supercomputers overtook the industries in wind.

Our team of experienced and top industry experts will introduce you to the main devices that are used in PLC. delivers you the best PLC training course in Chandigarh.

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At CaddPrimer we aim to impact the consistency abilities required to become an expert. PLC Automation training company in Chandigarh i.e. The CaddPrimer is a skilled PLC development company through which you can learn the essential equipment needed in PLC tremendously.

PLC has become an important part of today’s industrial process. For 6 months/weeks CaddPrimer PLC’s industrial training will make you fully qualified for the latest and advanced PLC devices and tools to improve your odds of being positioned in the top industries / reputable companies and kick-start your career.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Industrial Automation
  • Learn different types of PLC
  • Learn PLC hardware, & Role in Industrial Automation
  • Learn field device connected to PLC & Architectural Evolution
  • PLC Components – Power Supply,
  • I/O Modules
  • Communication Bus
  • PLC Fundamentals
  • Block diagram of PLC’s
  • Types of I/O

SCADA Training in Chandigarh

Scada distributes mainly for the collection, management, and analysis of the entire process in plant or industry as supervisory control and data acquisition evident from its name SCADA program. The system SCADA is the most effective tool used in telecommunications, waste management, production of electricity, oil and gas refining and transport. SCADA Chandigarh training company i.e. CaddPrimer where we can help you learn SCADA’s craft in this ever-growing field and become an expert.

Automation Training in Chandigarh at CaddPrimer


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