Caddprimer has started high-class fashion design courses in Chandigarh , Fashion CAD is also called Computer Aided Fashion Designing which means fashion designing with the help of Computers. And Fashion Designing means the art of application of natural beauty to clothing and accessories. So we can say that Fashion CAD is the process of application of natural beauty to clothing and accessories with the help of computers.

All of we know that from last few years uses of computers are increase and used is every field and place of the world. Now CAD software tools are the major package for every type of designing.

I have already explained you in my earlier post on CAD Software Tool that there are many CAD Software tool are present in the market like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo etc.

fashion design courses in chandigarh

But in the field of Fashion AutoCAD is the major CAD Software Tool that is used for designing as well as drafting of beautiful fashion aspects. In AutoCAD you can design any field of the fashion aspects like Footwear Design, Clothing Pattern Design, Dress Design, Mehandi Design etc.

fashion design courses in chandigarh
Shirt Design in AutoCAD

There are a lot of advantages of using AutoCAD in Fashion Designing (Fashion CAD). Few of them are explained below

  • In  CAD we can handle more complicated and complex design easily.
  • In  CAD measurement and making of patterns becomes easy because of fantastic pattern feature in AutoCAD software.
  • The accuracy of the design increases by using of AutoCAD in Fashion CAD.
  • Flexibility is the another major benefit of the Fashion design CAD such that we can modify any design pattern any time without any modifications on another design.
  • We can see three-dimensional view of Dress Design in Fashion design CAD

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