Mechanical CAD Training in Chandigarh with Certification at CaddPrimer


    Mechanical engineering could be a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, producing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It’s the branch of engineering that involves the assembly and usage of mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. it’s one in all the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. Learning and Building High-value skills in Advanced Mechanical CAD Training.

    CAD is mainly used in the engineering of 3D models or 2D drawings of physical components for detailed designs, Used in the overall engineering process from conceptual design to and layout Design of products, using various software tools. The CAD software is usually used for creating industrial objects such as mechanical objects, drafting, molding, 2D-3D models.

    Caddprimer is Providing Best Mechanical CAD Training working on World’s best and most popular CAD software like AutoCAD, Catia v5, SolidWorks.


    AutoCAD mechanical cad training

    AutoCAD has Worldwide used software for Engineering Drawing and as a standard for Designing and Drafting for Mechanical, Civil and even other engineering trades. Its the Software product of Autodesk which is one of the first Computer-aided design software (CAD) to be released on the market in 1982, and this will be making it a very established CAD (Computer-aided design) software across industries. A software that architects, engineers and construction professionals use to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.AutoCAD enables users to make scale -model blueprints using rows, polygons, types, text and other visual elements any structure has been designing.

    At CaddPrimer AutoCAD training Phase includes-

    • Step-by-Step Explanation of how AutoCAD tools and commands work.
    • Detailed discussion on some of the specific examples
    • Assignments for self-evaluation and exercises at the end of each session.

    Key Topics into consideration-

    • Understanding AutoCAD workspace and User Interface.
    • Using Basic commands for Drawing, Editing, and Viewing tools.
    • Working with Blocks (inserting useable symbols).
    • Adding text, hatching, and dimensions.
    • Isometric Drafting.
    • Orthographic Drafting.
    • Advanced editing and construction techniques.
    • Creating / Crafting local and global blocks.
    • Working in setting up layers, styles, and templates.
    • Advance plotting and publishing options.
    • Introduction to 3D – learn Basic of 3D commands.
    • Preparing layouts for plotting

    Here you will get full theoretical as well as practical training. After Completion of mechanical CAD training in AutoCAD you Will Get special Certification From CaddPrimer.



    SolidWorks-mechanical cad trainingSolidworks is a 3D design software from Dassault Systems. You can sketch ideas and experiment with different designs to create 3D models. It is used by students, designers, engineers, and other professionals to produce simple and complex parts, assemblies, and drawings. Solidworks model consists of Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings. Designs for production in manufacturing



    SolidWorks Training includes-

    • Sketcher Basic
    • 3D sketching
    • Part modeling
    • Creating reference geometries
    • editing features
    • Advanced modeling tools
    • Configuration
    • surface overview
    • Assembly
    • simulation

    CaddPrimer is providing a wide variety of basic core as well as industry Specific mechanical CAD Training Programs. In SolidWorks training courses we are focusing on fundamental skills and key concepts.


    Catia-mechanical cad training in ChandigarhCatia v5 is also a computer-aided designing software developed by french company Dassault system. It has different platforms to work on and used by aerospace industries to design aircraft. It is completely 3D parametric solid, surfacing designing. we can generate any type of complex shape by this software. Its Highly In-Demand mechanical cad training nowadays.

    CATIA Training includes-

    • Understanding CATIA workspace and User Interface.
    • Creating and editing sketches.
    • Sketch Analysis.
    • Understanding 3D Parameters and Parametric modeling in CATIA.
    • Designing and modifying parts.
    • Assembling different parts and components.
    • Manipulating 3D objects assemblies.
    • Exploding the assembly.
    • Generative shape design and sheet metal design.
    • Bending, folding, unfolding sheet.
    • finalizing Drawing
    • Rendering objects in real-time

    At CaddPrimer you will provide a good piece of knowledge about CATIA with solid and surfacing designing.