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PLC Scada Automation Training in Chandigarh with Certification

Caddprimer offers PLC Automation Training in Chandigarh and Punjab with its best Automation training lab in the world. Caddprimer is the best place for Industrial Automation Training as well as Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana in plc and SCADA training. Caddprime has been attended by students from different colleges and universities and by job candidates from various PLC industries.

What is PLC?

PLC or (Programmable Logic Controller), PLC is an abrupt computer for industrial automation purposes. PLC, this controller helps to generate an automatic specific process, any type of machine operation, even helping to automatically process the whole production line.


Future and Carriers after PLC Automation Training.

Automation is the key to success in that complex industrial world. Industries are fast becoming automated whether big, small or medium.

All PLC and SCADA are specialized courses in electronics, and both require patience and hard work, but they are equally rewarding.

There is a huge demand for professionals who can command and satisfy the fluctuating industrial automation. The automotive industry is currently heavily dependent on PLC and SCADA. Automated factories must be highly flexible and configurable, and valves, switches, and motors are required for this use. Therefore there is a lot of scope in terms of employment, career growth or new product creation. Electrical/mechanical/electronic engineers, therefore consider improving their skills to be –the industry’s brilliant star. 

SCAD stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a form of an industrial control device used to monitor and control industrial facilities and infrastructure.

What is the difference between PLC and SCADA? – The primary difference between the PLC (or Programmable Logic Controller) and the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is that the PLC is hardware and SCADA is (typically) software, although some would claim that SCADA is the overall control mechanism of the plant incorporating hardware and software components.

Regardless of semantics, both are used in industrial settings and are usually used together, but there are still two very distinct programs.

Topics to be covered in PLC Automation Training.

  • Basic PLC and PLC automation introduction, description, PLC automation function, PLC Industrial application, and automation history.
  • Automation modules, relays, switches, controls, sensors, capacitive inductive sensors, optical ultrasonic sensors.
  • Control actuators, PLC (Programmable logic controller), PLC control panel advantages disadvantages, PLC architecture, various types of circuits, principles, digital Analog concepts.

Who can join us?

Mechatronic streams & instrumentations Engineering Students and other professionals who work in the different engineering branches of industry. B.Tech / EB in electronic engineering, electronics & communications engineering.

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PLC Scada Automation Training in Chandigarh with Certification



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